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The study of religion and theology has become increasingly important in a world where religious belief is a driving force behind social and political events. Religious studies is both multidisciplinary and multicultural, attracting scholars from many fields, including anthropology and archaeology. Our professors conduct research to explore the ways in which religion drives human ideas and behaviors as well as historical events, so that we may gain a better understanding of the world in which we live.

Here are descriptions of some of the fields in which faculty members conduct research:


Archaeologists study human history and prehistory through the material remains. A subfield of anthropology, archaeology offers a unique perspective on human history and culture.

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Biblical Studies

Biblical Studies is the study of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, the Bible. Biblical scholars work to interpret a text within its original historical context.

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Christian Studies

Professors researching Christian studies analyze Christian history, theology, culture, the Bible and the relationship between Christianity and other religions.

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Buddhist Studies

Professors researching Buddhist studies look at Buddhism through history, anthropology and philosophy. 

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Islamic Studies

Islamic studies is the study of Islam and Islamic culture, civilization, history, law, theology and philosophy.

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Jewish Studies

Professors researching Jewish studies focus on Jewish society, texts and ideologies.

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