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The faculty in the WVU Religious Studies Program encourage students to explore the religions of the world, some of the strongest driving forces in human history. Students in the program have the opportunity to learn about a wealth of cultures, including ancient Egyptian rituals, the history of China, the life of Buddha, how and why Judaism and Christianity split, who wrote the Bible and how religions interact today.

Quick Facts

  • Students can major or minor in Religious Studies, and the B.A. degree track is compatible with many other disciplines, including history, philosophy, English, communication studies and international studies. The program has seen exercise physiology, journalism, nursing and engineering majors also add religious studies as a major.
  • Students with a degree in religious studies from WVU can go on to do meaningful and exciting things such as attend law school, enter the seminary, study religion in a master’s program, enter the business world, become a doctor. The opportunities are endless. One recent graduate even runs a dance school right here in Morgantown!
  • Learning about the world traditions and cultures is extremely beneficial, no matter what profession or vocation one a student chooses. In today’s global environment, many companies are looking for employees with the unique ability to communicate with, and understand, people from other religions and cultures. A degree in religious studies provides a student with the tools necessary to succeed in the contemporary world.