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When our students aren’t in the classroom, they’re learning in the real world. Because sometimes it’s the hands-on experiences that make the best lessons.

Why Minor in religious studies?

A religious studies Minor gives students opportunities to explore the world through religion and culture. A Minor in religious studies can prepare you for a career in ministry, theology, as well as admission into law school and medical school.

Religious Studies students learn archaeology in Israel

In summer 2019, Religious Students students traveled to Israel with professors Alyssa Beall and Alex Snow. The trip began with two weeks on an archaeology dig at the site of Tel Kabri, a Bronze Age Canaanite palace. Following the dig, the group traveled to the city of Jerusalem and beyond, including ancient and modern Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious sites.

See the world through study abroad.

Course Spotlight

RELG 223

Christianity in America

RELG 230

Religions of India

RELG 232

History and Practices of Islam


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