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11 Jun


Joseph | June 11th, 2012

Today’s blog entry will be a “rapid report.” After a much needed and restful weekend, complete with multiple dips into the relaxing waters of the Galilee, we resumed digging. We’ve made a lot of progress over the past six days, and now we’re starting to see some more results. Here you see dedicated WVU student diggers—Heather Hill, Chris Peterson, and CJ Rice—continuing their excavations outside the eastern edge of the city walls:


If you, the reader, have in fact been scrupulous in your observations over the past week, you should notice a new member to our team. There in blue, sitting in the middle, is WBOY’s very own Stacy Jacobson. In case you’re skeptical, here’s a close-up, complete with pick axe in hand, water bottle nearby, and hat to shelter her from the scorching sun.


Everyone should follow Stacy’s reports and blogs as she finishes the week with us—helping to complete our work here at Bethsaida and continuing on to the Dome of the Rock and Western Wall in Jerusalem, just to name a few. Check her out at’s “Special Reports” section, as well as her page at Facebook.

We had a couple more “special finds” today. Below you see Dr. Alyssa Beall carefully picking through an area which revealed what we all tentatively believe is an Assyrian spear point!


Unfortunately, I’ll have to apologize for not getting more specific photos, but the finds were quickly whisked away to those who take care of such ancient treasures. Hopefully I can provide them in a couple days, after the pieces been cleaned and classified. Until then, allow me to entice you with this beautiful piece of Hellenistic pottery displaying a wonderful Dionysian celebration!


Alex Snow

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