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11 Jun

Mountaineer Media Days at the Dig

Aaron | June 11th, 2012

Although it was Monday and we needed to get back in the swing of things, today was a busy one for the WVU group. In addition to some great finds (ancient Iron Age arrow heads) we were joined by an NBC reporter from WBOY in Clarksburg, WV. Stacy Jacobson is an energetic, creative reporter (who sometimes anchors as well), and she will be joining us for the remainder of the trip to chronicle the WVU experience. We are excited to have her join us!

Stacy was already hard at work this morning organizing stories, shots, and interviews. Here is a picture of Stacy on the job:
Stacy Jacobson

In addition to the reports from the field on this blog (which also rolls to Facebook and Twitter), Stacy will be blogging and tweeting and for WBOY as well. Also, stay tuned for reports from Stacy on WBOY TV once the trip concludes.

Finally, there are other film crews that have visited the site as well. There is an Israeli film crew shooting a documentary on Bethsaida, and FOX News was on-site today to shoot some footage of the WVU group for an upcoming documentary on Jesus. Guess who they want to interview next week? Hint: one of the people is me! More about that later, but for now I will close with a quick archaeology lesson: if are digging and you see 3 or more rocks all in a straight line, it could indicate a human-made structure. Interesting, huh?

Aaron Gale

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