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PhD: Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Specializations: Theology and Apologetics, History of Christianity
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Hello, my name is Jim Gifford. I have been teaching online courses for four years here at WVU. I have developed our online courses in Hebrew Scriptures, History of Christianity, Ethics, and Historical Theology. I also teach the Intro to World Religions a couple of times a year.

I now live in Charlotte, North Carolina, after having lived my whole life in West Virginia. It is the beauty of the Internet that I can be physically so far away and yet so close at the same time. I am married with three children, all of whom are under 10. When not reading or writing about Christian theology (I have one book published and another two in various stages of writing, and I am a member of the Evangelical Theological Society), I am a full-time husband and dad, and part-time kid. Throw in eating and sleeping, and all 24 hours in a day are accounted for. :0)

I enjoy the flexibility of online courses as well as the personal interaction of the classroom. I’m rarely in Morgantown, but drop me an email and we can talk!

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