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Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Specializations: Christian Scriptures, Theology, Near Eastern Religions, Ethics
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In sum, I have studied at various institutions of higher learning, at home and abroad (in Hungary), both secular and religious, with various denominational affiliations. And I have worked in many and various religious organizations. One of my strengths is my intimate acquaintance not only with the content of Christian theology but also, and most importantly, with its practice, how it plays in Peoria.

It should come as no surprise that, owing to my varied and extensive background, my interests are also varied and extensive. My interest in classical languages has served as a precursor to Biblical Studies, one of my special interests, especially the synoptic gospels, Paul, and the historical Jesus. My religious background has interested me in church history and my having to cope with problems of various kinds within the church, on an almost daily basis, has sparked an interest in Christian ethics.

As a result of my broadened horizon, I am interested in the big questions: How does it all fit together? What does it all mean? How should I live? Not in any way denying the importance of specialization and narrow topics, I am interested in synthesis. All my interests boil down to one overarching and commanding interest, the naturalistic understanding and explanation of religion.

For me, doing work in the study of religion is highly enjoyable, deeply satisfying, all worthwhile. Even if I never achieve anything enduring, I will have had enormous pleasure in the attempt. It is this pleasure, or at least some small part of it, that I hope to impart to you, the student. I enjoy learning, I also enjoy teaching: I try to be challenging and stimulating, even provocative, forcing you to think and thing again. If you want to be challenged, perhaps provoked, certainly made to think, I look forward to seeing you in one of my classes.

My interests have broadened. For the past two tears, I have taught world religions and comparative religion at Penn State New Kensington. Coupled with a course I taught on religious pluralism at WVU, this experience has forced me to grapple with larger issues of religion. Also, influenced by the ever greater attention given to religion and science, especially at my alma mater, the Pittsburgh Theological seminary which has recently hosted lectures by some of the world’s foremost thinkers in this field, I have taught courses on religion and science, a new and developing interest. And I have also participated in two summer study abroad programs, most recently teaching a course on various aspects of religion in East Central Europe. This particular interest stems in large part from my Hungarian heritage, something I take for granted and am too immersed in to consider as a specialization, but that’s what it is.

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