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Professor Alyssa Beall


Ph.D., Syracuse University
Specializations: Gender Studies and Popular Culture
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I moved to Morgantown in 2011 after finishing my PhD at Syracuse University in 2010. My interests center around the intersections of religion, gender, and popular culture studies; my dissertation combined these by looking at Neopaganism in an online/technological context. I am particularly interested in the constructions of sex and gender in different cultural contexts, and how those are affected by (and impact) religious traditions.

When I’m not teaching – and sometimes when I am, depending on the structure of the courses – I love to travel. I’m a dual Australian/U.S. citizen, and have been wandering the globe since the age of two… though I don’t remember much of those early years! I also enjoy picking up cuisines in any areas I’m in, and can be found grilling anything or everything, when the weather allows.

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