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Dr. Alex Snow

Teaching Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Syracuse University
Specialization: Asian Religion and Philosophy
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My name is Alex Snow, and I’ve just recently come to the Morgantown community in the fall of 2011 from Syracuse, New York, and previously, Columbus, Ohio. For the past decade and a half I have been avidly studying, writing, and teaching mostly on Asian and Native American (specifically the Crow Indians of Montana) conceptions of “self,” “sound,” and “place.” My recently finished dissertation embeds these ideas within the comparative context of Japanese Zen (specifically, the pioneering work of Nyogen Senzaki), Islamic Sufism (e.g. Inayat Khan), and the theoretical/cosmological sciences, especially contemporary “string theory.” My current courses here at WVU include: Introduction to World Religions, Religions of India, Religions of China and Japan, Studies in Asian Scriptures, and Zen Buddhism.

I greatly enjoy listening to music – and I mean ALL music (for I unfortunately have no practical talents myself), playing and watching sports locally and globally, and most recently and fervently, travel. I started playing golf at the tender age of five with my grandfather in Savannah, GA, and have continued to be challenged and rewarded by golf courses near and far (though my personal pilgrimage to the British Isles, the “home of golf,” has yet to materialize!). In the last five years I have taken several extensive trips around both western and eastern European countries, exploring parts of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. As a coincidental and professional extension of this continued globe-trekking, I will be leading study abroad programs to India and Japan during the upcoming summers.

I love cats!

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