Meet Our Majors!

Name: Lauren Slone

Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Major: Religious Studies class of 2006

What did you do with your WVU Religious Studies degree?”

My response is always, “Well, I decided to create a new dance company and became the Artistic Director of the Morgantown Youth Ballet.” Upon graduation in December 2006, I was torn whether to pursue graduate studies in Religious History at the University of Chicago or to start a new training and performance program for dancers in the region. Fortunately, WVU prepared me to pursue any career path I have in front of me. I was a voracious student, always looking for courses that challenged my conception of the world.

What were the benefits of studying in the WVU Program for Religious Studies?

Every class that I took within the Religious Studies program trained me to think critically, write clearly, and engage in dialogue with a range of beliefs, traditions, and cultures. The incredible faculty allowed me to develop an intensive course of study through a fantastic mentorship, Intensive Study projects, and Travel Abroad. I was also encouraged to pursue other interests, such as dance, to grow creatively. The grand culmination of these experiences taught me that I didn’t have to choose. I could find a way to create my own path which includes all of my interests.

What are your future plans?

Though I will continue to work primarily within the dance world for now, I will always use religious studies to inform the way I dance, choreograph, teach children, and run my company. I may not have used my degree in a “traditional way”. Nevertheless, I view it as absolutely priceless!

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